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How is my price determined?

Your price is determined by the type of garment and how many locations and colors your design requires.

Can I get my order sooner?

Yes, we offer rush options of 10% per day. So, if your order is $1000 and you need it 3 days sooner than the standard 10 business days turnaround time, then a 3 Day Rush fee would be applied to your order, making it $1300.

If I place a reorder, do I have to submit all of my art again?

Nope! We’ll keep a record of your design details as long as non of the design specifications have changed, so reordering is simple and easy.

Can I order a sample of the garment before placing a full production run?

No problem. Just let your Account Executive know the garment sample you’re looking for and we’ll get a “Blank Apparel” Order started for you or simply drop off your own garment.

Do orders have a per size minimum?

Order’s do not have a per size minimum. Your options are endless!

What is your minimum order quantity?

Since we are a contract screen printing company we have different order quantity variety. Of course the more pieces the cheaper the print will be.

Can I order different color shirts or different style shirts with my order?

Yes. We do ask that you meet the order minimum for your particular design before changing garment styles. For example, if you’re printing a standard screen size the order minimun is 36 piece. In order to receive black and white shirts, you would need to order 36 black shirts and 36 white shirts.

What file formats do you prefer?

We prefer scalable vector files such as .ai, .eps or editable .pdf. A vector image uses points and angles to keep your image as crisp as possible at any size or magnification. With these files all we need to know is the colors and size of the print. Any fonts used in the file must be converted to outline. Furthermore, we print in spot color (solid layers of color) so gradients can only be simulated with halftones.

How should I deliver my file?

You can either drop it off at our location in a USB, or email the file to the sales representative along with all the order information.

What if I do not have a vector file?

As long as you have a jpeg or pdf our graphic designer can make it work. If you would like a custom design you don’t have on file you can work with our graphic designer to come up with a design you have in mind for an extra charge.

Can I schedule a Press Check?

Sure you can! Our clients usually approve orders over the phone or email since most clients are busy or far from our location, but we certainly have clients who like to see how their print will look in person and we coordinate a scheduled press check that meets production schedule and the clients time.


Do you offer any specialty inks such as Foil, Metallic, Glow Etc?

You got it! We have a variety from foil, flocking, transfer, glow, glitter, gloss, puff, etc.

What is pigment discharge?

Pigment discharge is the same process as natural discharge with colored pigment included to re-dye cotton. This process is an alternative to plastisol when bright colors and a soft feel are desired. This process only reacts with the dyes in cotton, though it can be combined with cotton/poly or tri-blends for unique results. Some color variation in final product should be expected. Washing is recommended before wearing.

Can you discharge print on Tri-blends and 50/50 blends?

We sure can! However, with water based and discharge ink, not all fabrics were created equal. 100% cotton will give a different result than a 65/35 cotton/poly blend or a 50/50 blend will. Discharge ink will not discharge polyester, but that doesn’t mean you can’t print discharge on Polyester. We love to print discharge on Polyester, since it creates a unique effect. There are also certain blends that will yield brighter results!

What is the difference between CMYK (Four Color Process) and Simulated Process?

Four Color Process printing, also known as CMYK, essentially performs the same way that your ink jet printer does, blending the four colors, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black) to produce full color images as opposed to spot color images. Four Color Process with water based inks is best when printed on white or very light colored shirts and does not work well on dark shirts. For full color images on dark shirts, we recommend Simulated Process printing.

Simulated Process printing is like Four Color Process on steroids and is capable of producing very photo-realistic images with a high amount of detail. It uses traditional spot colors, yet blends them in a four-color process manner, simulating full color images. This process works very well on both light and dark colored garments. The ink color count for simulated process jobs are often in the five to ten color range, therefore making it the best process for higher quantity runs.

Why do Kelly Green, Royal Blue and Red shirts often discharge poorly?

Every shirt starts in its natural color cotton, it’s then dyed into your shirt color. Garment dyes used when dying Kelly Green, Royal Blue and Red shirts are often stubborn to discharge printing. This is why we recommend using our High Opacity (HO) ink when printing on these colors. We have found out that manufacturers continue striving to make their dyes more discharge friendly, so this could become less challenging.

Can you print over seams?

Yes we can! We have a few special print techniques to achieve great over the seams prints! No problem at all.

Can you match a custom Pantone color?

You got it! We can match any Coated or Uncoated Pantone color. It’s tough to match exactly since we are printing on fabric, but we’ll get it closer than anyone else.

When is the right time to use an All-Over print vs. Cut-n-Sew?

If your All Over Design is more than 3 colors or has tight registration, then a good option to look into is Cut-n-Sew.

When printing Oversize or Jumbo, should I expect my design to be distorted on the smaller sizes and would it be best to split my order into different screen sizes?

We always try makin the best suggestions as to when to split a design into two different screens. It really varies per designs; your Account Executive will be able to help guide you through this process.

Can you use your All-Over screen on sweatshirts?

No. This is because of the thick material of a sweatshirt. Also, the difficulty of placing the sleeve in the exact same location on press everytime to keep the high quality consistantly is challenging. We recommend Cut-n-Sew if you’re looking for an All-Over print on a sweatshirt.

Can you print with water based or discharge inks?

Yes! Actually, here at Capture Prints we’ve dedicated all our time to printing all types of inks from Plastisol, Waterbase, Discharge and air dry inks.

What can I expect for Print Placement consistency?

We will do everything we can to ensure images are printed in a consistent location on all garments within a run. However, small variations should be expected. For example, if a request is made for an image to be printed 2″ below the bottom of a collar, a 3/4″ standard deviation in either direction will be considered acceptable.

Can you print over a Seam, Collar, Zipper, or Pocket?

Printing over a seam, collar, pocket, zipper or any part of the printed item that is raised can cause gaps, distortion, ink buildup or other inconsistencies on a print to print basis. It tends to work best with waterbase and/or discharge ink and when the art is not solid where it passes over the affected area. Please note if you choose to print this way, any inconsistencies caused will be considered acceptable goods and not misprints.


Can I supply my own t-shirts?

Yes, you have the choice of providing the garments for your order but do keep in mind that some garment materials cannot be printed with certain ink compounds (ex. discharge & waterbase inks).

What is a basic fit tee?

Basic fit t-shirts are standard shirts that are not tappered and have more box-like shape.

Can I order shirts that are not offered on your site?

Yes. We aquire stock from every major manufacturer. Just let us know what you’re interested in printing on and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

What is a fashion fit tee?

A fashion fit tee has a slimmer cut that’s more form-fitting than a typical t-shirt–just like a shirt you would get from Urban Outfitters, J.Crew, Banana Republic, etc..

Post-Press / Shipping

How will my shirts ship?

We currently do not offer our own shipping services other than, local delivery with a fee and these options below:


The customer can provide us with the shipping label depending on there preference of shipping company. We will provide you the amount your box or boxes weigh for you to be able to purchase the shipping labels on your own. Courier services for certain locations with a delivery fee.

Can you deliver my shirts if I am local?

We would love to! A delivery fee may apply.

Can you ship internationally?

We currently don’t provide shipping but you can provide us with the shipping labels.

Will I get a tracking number when my order ships?

Absolutely. As soon as your order ships, we’ll email you a tracking number. You can also grab your tracking number from your order dashboard.


How much do I have to pay to get started?

After you have approved your quote, you will receive a Digital Mock-up and Order Details to approve. You will be charged at the end when the order is finished and ready to be picked up or ship. On bigger orders we do ask for 50% deposit once the quote and mock-up is approved. We currently do not offer any Terms, only COD.


Give us a call anytime between 8am – 4pm. PST M–F.


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